PrEP means Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, and it’s the use of anti-HIV medication that keeps HIV negative people from becoming infected. PrEP is approved by the FDA and has been shown to be safe and effective. A single pill taken once daily, it is highly effective against HIV when taken every day. The medication interferes with HIV’s ability to copy itself in your body after you’ve been exposed. This prevents it from establishing an infection and making you sick.

For more information we encourage you to watch the PrEP Revolution video:

Are you interested in accessing PrEP in the Hamilton Region?

Dr. K. Woodward’s office
(Best Polari recommended Doctor in Hamilton).

St Joseph’s Healthcare
25 Charlton Ave E, Suite 300
Hamilton, ON Canada L8N 1Y2

Phone: (905) 522-1155, ext. 33998
Fax: (905) 523-7352

Or ask your family doctor for a referral to his office.





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